How to add KUSARI Network to Metamask

Here we are gonna show you how to add the KUSARI Network to your Metamask wallet.

You can find a guide on how to setup the Metamask wallet here.

For advanced users, here are the network details:

Beginners may want to follow the guide below

If you have successfully installed Metamask and pinned it to your browser extension bar(which is the default setting after installation) you will need to add the network details to gain access.

  1. Click on the arrow besides “Ethereum Mainnet”,which opens the drop-down menu and click on “Add network”

2. Enter the provided details into each field and hit the “Save” button.

3. You have now successfully added the KUSARI Network to your Metamask. To switch between networks, select the arrow to open the drop down menu and choose your desired network.

Check out KUSARI and stay tuned for our latest updates…



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