How to Buy SDX on PancakeSwap

Check out our updated Homepage with links to video guides for the requirements

This written guide shows you how to buy bSDX on Pancakeswap.

Following requirements must be met:

⦁ You are logged into your MetaMask wallet and it is pinned to your browser.

⦁ You have BUSD to purchase bSDX and a little BNB to pay the small amount of gas on the Binance Smart Chain in your MetaMask wallet.

⦁ Your MetaMask wallet is set to the Binance Smart Chain.

Guide: How to add the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

⦁ You have added the bSDX token to your MetaMask wallet.(Add the bSDX token to MetaMask)

Now we need to head over to Pancakeswap. If you are a first time user it will ask you to connect your wallet.

Press either of the Connect Wallet buttons. Then your MetaMask wallet should ask you to join the network.

Connect wallet to MetaMask

Click the connect button.

Next, you need to check the pair you want to swap.

In our case, it’s BUSD to bSDX. So you just need to check this. See the image below.

Note: Always Check the Trading pair before you swap!

You may have a different pair of tokens selected on your first visit to Pancakeswap.

This is not a problem as you can select the ones you want.

BUSD and bSDX.

To change the token, click on the dropdown.

You will then be presented with this dialogue box where you can choose your token.

You may not see the bSDX token there.

If not you need need to add it manually.

At the bottom of the Select a Token dialogue box you have just opened, you will see Manage Tokens at the bottom.

Click Manage Tokens and then click the Tokens button.

In the address, box paste the bSDX contract address.


Then click import.

If it is your first time importing Tokens you should get a warning message:

It’s pointing out that you need to be careful that you have the correct contract address for the coin.

Click the Checkmark on “I understand” and hit “Import”,

now you can add the BUSD and bSDX pair to swap.

Click on “Swap”

Then confirm the swap in your MetaMask Pop-up

The transaction process is very quick and should not take more than a couple of seconds.


You should now see bSDX in your MetaMask wallet.

NOTE 1: Remember to adjust your slippage to 1% or lower (0.1%) in order to avoid being front-run.

NOTE 2: Just leave a little BNB balance in your wallet after your swap. The bSDX is the wrapped SwapDEX token on the Binace Smart Chain. When you bridge that back over to the SwapDEX Chain(which is required if you want to participate in the On-Chain Governance and Staking) you will need a small amount of BNB for transaction fees.

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