Instructions: Adding the Smart DEX Chain to MetaMask

The Smart DEX Chain (previously known as the SwapDEX Smart Chain) is the native blockchain of the SwapDEX platform. In order to interact with the Smart DEX Chain, you will need to add the chain network details to your MetaMask wallet. For ease of reference we will jump straight into the details to set the Smart DEX Chain up in MetaMask, but please read on past this opening section if you do not have MetaMask set up for some further instructions on that front.

For desktop, click on the network in the top right (generally this will be defaulted to Ethereum Mainnet), then select Custom RPC at the bottom, then enter the details below and select Save.

For mobile, click on the , select Settings, then select Networks, then Add and then enter the details below and select Save.

The Smart DEX Chain network details are as follows:

  • Network Name: Smart DEX Chain
  • RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 7879
  • Symbol: SDX
  • Block Explorer URL:

And there you have it, you have successfully added the Smart DEX Chain to your MetaMask wallet and you can now access the best decentralised chain in crypto. Access this network by selecting it from the network list (top right on desktop, top middle under Wallet on mobile).

Like other wallets, MetaMask is simply a User Interface to allow you to interact with the coins and tokens held under by your Ethereum address. As the DEX Chain is an Ethereum based fork, it uses the same address as your regular Ethereum address. Therefore, if you are using a different wallet, you can simply import that wallet into MetaMask in order to access the coins and tokens held by the Ethereum address the wallet is set up to interact with.

When SwapDEX goes live, we will be swapping the SDX ERC-20 token with the SDX coin that is native to the Smart DEX Chain. Therefore, you will need to add the Smart DEX Chain to see your SDX coins.

If you do not have MetaMask setup, you will need to install the MetaMask Extension/App. There are a number of ways to find it, but the easiest is to download the version you need from the MetaMask website.

Once installed, you can set up a new wallet, or import an existing wallet. To import an existing wallet, you will need to select Import With Seed Phrase. There you will need to enter your 12 word seed phrase. If you have used MetaMask for another Ethereum address, make sure to back up your seed phase before importing a new address. We strongly recommend you store your seed phrases physically somewhere safe, rather than electronically where it could be hacked and never disclose it to third parties. In Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet, the seed phrase is referred to as your Recovery phrase.

If you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our via our Discord, Telegram or Twitter or Email.

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