- It’s Time to Test Claim your TSDX!

We are proud to announce that our practice deployment is complete and now we shall move to testing the holder claim process. Once claimed from the EVM snapshot airdrop and moved onto the substrate side, you will still have the ability to use these coins for a few days to play about with the chain to strengthen the current validators, nominating and to try out our governance system. This process will be the last deployment of our TSDX testing coin which holds no value.

This will be the LAST step in testing before we switch over and the Kusari chain is then deployed live! This also represents your last chance to buy the current SDX token to get a 2-for-1 deal with holders receiving Kusari at a 1:100 ratio.

The final snapshot for KSI will take place on FRIDAY 3rd DECEMBER UTC 21:00

Winning Logo for our Kusari Chain

We look forward to you interacting with our chain and providing feedback!

The claim process is relatively simple. We have made a short video to explain the process of getting your coins into your respective wallets.

Claim URL : https://tsdx-app.swapdex.network/#/claim

Video URL: https://youtu.be/cTGdorgojnE

The next steps on our road to mainnet on the development side are:

— Deploy KSI and make chain live.

— Hodlers claim KSI and set up their position on the chain via Validators etc.

— Release the Dashboard UI in stages, as each part is finalised, to enable efficient transfers between the EVM and Substrate sides of our ecosystem.

— Enable the Bridge in the Dashboard once chain is running stable.

— Deploy SDX mainnet.

Stay tuned for latest updates via: https://twitter.com/SwapdexO

Check out our documentation on https://docs.swapdex.network/

Best regards from the SwapDEX team



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