KUSARI Community Bounty Program


Dear Kusari community

We are very excited to present you with our Community Bounty Program.

The program will enable all of you to help engage new users and crypto enthusiasts to utilise our KUSARI ecosystem and launch their amazing D’Apps, community backed projects and everything Defi.

Through the Community Bounty Program, we are trying to provide you a very lucrative opportunity to earn rewards. Not only will you be rewarded by the organic appreciation of the coins themselves as our community grows, evolves and become more established, it will also provide you with a direct incentivisation by offering KSI (based on USD valuation) for each task that you complete in our Community Bounty Program.

Keep in mind the fact that our KSI coin has a very limited supply, and although we can’t determine the exact valuation of the coin, we expect it to be considerably higher than the price of SDX because of it’s scarcity.

We can’t wait to see our awesome community start spreading word to a greater audience and earn rewards along the way. The commission rates are listed here https://www.kusari.network/kusari-community-bounty-program

There are several platforms and categories we are looking to offer rewards for which includes completing tasks on:

  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • Telegram
  • Discord invites
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • SteemIT
  • Others

Categories include:

  • Promotional News
  • Informational Sites
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Animation
  • Translation

Example Articles

  • Why is KUSARI a good investment ? (No price discussion)
  • Why would I choose SwapDEX over Solana or BSC?
  • Best ways to earn passive income on the KUSARI network?
  • Do you like DeFi, then check out KUSARI?, Have a D’App check out Kusari?
  • KUSARI has it all and is just starting!

We also have a wealth of information online to help you with your content.





Any related questions to the Bounty Programm can be submitted to bountyproject@swapdex.network we also have a dedicated forum at https://forum.swapdex.network/t/community-bounty-project/51


  • Must follow all of the set minimum criteria to be consider for a reward
  • Must be professional (no rude, foul or discriminatory language)
  • Must not discuss the price of the coin
  • Must be following and subscribed to our current social platforms.
  • Must be at least 18 years or older.
  • Must not discredit anyone on grounds of sex, race, language or religion.
  • Must not be produced by means of automation.
  • Must not violate search engine rules.
  • Content must be 95% to 100% original.
  • No use of spam whatsoever.
  • Must indicate the source of any quotations used.

How to submit your work.

After you have completed a successful bounty task, you can then use the submission form at the bottom of this page


to submit your work for evaluation by our team, and after proper validation receive your paymen



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