So Who is SwapDEX?

SwapDEX Smart DeFi Blockchain

SwapDEX Summary

Ecosystem: 2 Blockchains Built on Substrate, SwapDEX and Kusari

DEX, EVM Bridges, Smart Contracts

Staking/Nodes (Nominating & Validating)

Compatibility w/ Eth Smart Contracts

Low Fees, Limit Orders, Forkless Upgrades and 1500 TPS

200 Limited Edition NFTs that payback TX fees FOREVER

Hottest Chain Technology out there for DAPP building

Community Council Governance

What are We?

SDX Blockchain — built on Substrate with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to support projects based on both Substrate and Ethereum. SDX is the native coin for the chain.

Kusari Blockchain — testnet version of the SDX Blockchain to allow any upgrades to the chain to be tested in a live environment before being rolled out. Projects can launch on Kusari to test and troubleshoot before launching on the SDX chain. KSI is the native coin for the chain.

With our community-governed blockchains, we aim to deliver the most attractive trading environment, on a truly decentralised platform, for a wide range of investors and traders in the DeFi sector.

What are our Tokenomics?

200M Total SDX

110M Circulating, 50M Company, 40M Community Governed Treasury

2M Total KSI

What are we looking for?

● Traders — come and utilize our low fees!

● DApp Builders — Come and build DApps on our Polkadot/Substrate/EVM platform

● DeFi — Port over existing Smart Contracts via our EVM with no code changes

● Other Projects — come and host your currencies on our platform!

How can you Reach Us?
Come find us from our Website, Twitter or Medium



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We aim to revolutionize the future of DeFi by providing the industry-leading blockchain and end-to-end financial platform within a community-governed Ecosystem