SwapDEX Chain Development Update

We are pleased to provide a quick update regarding our development and what it means for SwapDEX moving forward. After two weeks of close collaboration with Starkley Tech, we are pleased to announce the new direction for our platform.

Our initial plan was to implement a customised Tomo fork to the SwapDEX network. However, the first deployment of the SDX Chain had some issues with the code which was unable to be rectified via a soft fork, demonstrating how vital an easily updateable blockchain is. This is especially vital for our project where we intend to continually innovate and grow our functionality.

With that said, we went back to the drawing board and did the painful job of revising each technical decision we made. We believe that this was the right step to take. After a close study of our Tomo fork it was clear that this path would narrow down our future potential given blockchain technologies change fast, and we needed to adapt to stay relevant. SwapDEX needs a powerful, versatile, composable, and reliable blockchain. Following these requirements, the natural choice was to utilise the Substrate framework with its extensive capabilities. With this improvement, SwapDEX will be able to integrate modular and custom-coded or pre-written components to fit the project and the community’s needs, which was impossible using old technology.

Blockchain projects such as Polkadot and Kusama, are also delivering the benefits of the Substrate framework to their communities and the crypto space. Substrate allows developers to compose the blockchain they need, making each blockchain unique. For SwapDEX, we will have our blockchain custom-built from scratch.

Furthermore, Substrate allows SwapDex to align with the web 3.0 standards, pushing the entire ecosystem one step beyond and enabling us for a truly decentralised future. With this improvement, SwapDEX will be able to deliver its full potential.

We are currently outlining the new options that Substrate brings to the table and are starting the internal testing process this weekend. Over the next few days and weeks, our team will be focusing on using the pre-built Substrate pallets to augment our chain. To be more precise, we will start by implementing the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) pallet, which allows us to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. At this point, It's worthwhile to mention that Substrate comes with natural compatibility to the Polkadot ecosystem as well.

We will release more news in the near future to focus on the more technical side of the platform.

As ever, the entire SwapDEX team thanks you for your continued interest and support!



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