SwapDEX has a new Home

SwapDEX is proud to announce the completion of its new Homepage.

After internally discussing our online appearance, we came to the conclusion that the old iteration didn’t do the project justice in terms of representing what SwapDEX has to offer and what we aim for.

In order to leave a better impression at first sight and to provide investors with a coherent web experience, the new webpage includes/features:

· General Improvements regarding the UI and design

· An updated Quick Navigation Bar at the top

· A new Blog section where relevant content will be published

· Direct Links to our Chains Dashboard and for Adding SDX to Metamask

· A comprehensible/coherent Executive Summary of our Mission

· Beginner-friendly guide on how to purchase SDX

· An integrated FAQ-Section on the first page for easy access information

· Our Updated Roadmap

We aimed to better align our color theme in accordance with the other Media outlets and improve the structure and readability to create a better overall web-experience for the user.

SwapDEX Quick Navigation Bar

Through the Navigation Bar, users can check our Tokenomics, our Blog Section and find information regarding our Documentation, both of our Block-Explorers on the EVM as well as on the Substrate Side of our Chain and access our Media-Kit.

SwapDEX’ DeFi Blog Section

Our Blog section serves as a place to release content related to our project, decentralization in general and topics regarding DeFi specifically. Content by the community can be featured here and will be rewarded.

SwapDEX Dashboard

The direct link to our Dashboard gives old and new investors quick and easy access to interacting with our chain and an overview of the latest available functions.

Executive Summary for SwapDEX

The comprehensible Executive Summary aims to better deliver our Mission statement to outsiders that want to know what the project is about at a quick glance.

Learn how to purchase SDX

Our beginner-friendly guide on how to purchase SDX aims to navigate even inexperienced investors through the process and grants access for people hat otherwise might be overwhelmed by the technicalities. You now have video guides for installing MetaMask and the Substrate Wallet(Polkadot.js), how to buy SDX on PSC(a written Guide can he found here) and how to bridge bSDX to SDX.

New FAQ Section

Integrating a FAQ Section has been the logical conclusion after following the conversations on discord and gathering your feedback. With that we hope to bring new insight to you and potential new investors.

Updated Roadmap for SwapDEX

Finally, and we think this has been one of the most anticipated topics for the comunity, we have implemented our updated Roadmap on our Website.
Use this to keep track of the technical development and further milestones that the project aims to deliver in the future.

Stay Tuned and follow us on social media:




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