The New BSC Bridge is Now Live on KUSARI Network

SwapDEX has updated the bridging process on the Kusari Testnet.

Instead of having to wrap your KSI to the EVM and then bridge them to the Binance Smart Chain you can now access the dashboard to transfer your funds directly from your Kusari Substrate Account to the BSC address of your choice.

Here is how you bridge your Kusari to the Binance Smart Chain on our Dashboard: (Make sure you have selected the Kusari Network on the upper right corner)

Step 1) Select the outgoing network (Kusari)

Step 2) Click on “Connect SwapDex Account” and select the Substrate Account of your choice (Note: if you have multiple accounts, you can pick the right one from the dropdown menu)

Step 3) Select the Destination Network (Note: Additional Networks will become available over time)

Step 4) Select your desired BSC Address or enter it manually

Step 5) Specify the Amount of KSI you want to bridge

Step 6) Make sure your information is correct and start the transfer

You’ll receive a disclaimer message that you need to confirm. Don’t close the window and don’t hit the refresh button in your browser until following screen disappears and a small green checkbox on the bottom of your screen has confirmed that the transaction was successful.

Congratulations, you have now successfully tested our Substrate-BSC bridge!

Note: The process works both ways, fees for bridging from KSI to BSC are paid in KSI, bridging from BSC to KSI are paid in BNB, so make sure you have enough coins to pay for the transaction fees.

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